Thursday, 22 November 2012

Free Pattern - Thrummed Mitts!

TFA - Thrummed mitten kit

Big news today, there will be an Etsy update very soon!!! I haven't had a break from life to spend some fun time experimenting in months (the last update was July, ouch!) so this update is well overdue. Details about the exact time the update will go live will be announced tomorrow. For today, I have a sneak peek at one of the new things that I'll have available... Thrummed Mitten Kits! Yes!

Way back in the day I made a bunch of Thrummed Mitten kits and loved them. Thrummed mitts are just about the best. They are the warmest mitts ever and I think that everyone should have a pair. The kits will include 1 skein of Green Label Aran Weight yarn and approximately 50g of a complementary colour of BFL roving. 

I've uploaded a simple, free Thrummed Mittens pattern for your thrumming pleasure.

And if you've never thrummed before, there are lots of great tutorials out there, this is one of my faves.  


See you tomorrow with details on the Etsy update!


  1. Oooh I am so excited about this! I so want to make those, with your kit, soon! :)

  2. Thank you for reminding me about thrummed mittens and for the pattern!
    There will be some thrumming under the Christmas tree! :-)

  3. Love this idea! I've been wanting to knit myself a pair of thrummed mittens for a while now and this kit would be perfect. Now I know what one of my Christmas presents will be this year. :)

  4. gorgeous colour pairings!! Tomorrow night is going to be crazy busy for the TFA Black Friday sale!

  5. This sounds so exciting, and those colors are lovely! Can't wait to check these out!

  6. What size mitten does this make (adult, child)?

  7. This is, clearly, the MOST straightforward thrummed mitten pattern I have seen. It answers all my questions so that I can (probably) vary it just a bit and still be successful! And Thank you for not doing it on size 00000 (or equivalent) needles!


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