Monday, 6 June 2011

Year in Colour Club - May


The May installment of the TFA Year in Colour Club was an exciting one! Julie designed not one, but two fabulous patterns that can both be knit with one skein of the cheery, Pink Grapefruit colourway. I love that she went outside the box and designed a set of accessories. When working with the designers for the Club, I give absolutely no guidelines, I just give them a skein of yarn and leave the rest completely up to them to design whatever their heart desires! It has been so fun to see all the creative uses for one little skein. 


Another super cool thing Julie did was make a video to clearly show how to do the bind off and unravelling of the stitches for the cowl. Isn't it neat to see one of your favorite bloggers actually knitting?


Club memberships are still available, new members will receive the January, March and May shipments all together. 


  1. haha, that video was so awkward to do- it took me about an hour to figure out a way to set up the camera for filming and position myself somewhere where the light was good enough to see what I was doing, but not have a lot of other visual distractions! I kept expecting Gatsby to crash the party, but he didn't.

  2. Bobbie in AK7 June 2011 15:50

    The cowl is amazing! I have a self imposed moratorium on yarn buying at the moment which I am really trying to stick to! Love the colorway.

  3. Dang, I'm liking that color! I do not particularly like pink, except in really strong shades like magenta or fuchsia, but I *like* the Pink Grapefruit! Well done, Tanis! You really captured the inside of a grapefruit with that color! (At least on MY monitor! ;)

    The accessories are really neat -- love the little fingerless mitts (need some of those things, since my hands are cold all winter) and the cowl is a really unique construction. Kudos to BOTH of you!


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