Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Mitered Square Blanket

Yesterday was sunny and gorgeous and I had the chance to get outside with my recently completed mitered square blanket and take a couple photo's.

I'm very happy with the final result. I think that my initial goal of gradually going through all the colours of the rainbow from corner to corner was achieved. I used 27 different colours in this blanket, and I only had one 50g ball of each colour, so I had to make sure that I really mixed it up and didn't end up with the same colour repeating itself too often in one square. 

My plan was basically to just wing it. I had an original sketch that I used as a pretty strict guide. When I originally drew the blanket using the rainbow gradation I used my box of 92 coloured pencils to colour the thing in, so I had about 7 different shades of pink represented, 11 blues and turquoises, obviously I didn't think I should buy 92 different colours of yarn to match my sketch perfectly, so I just bought what I thought I'd need and then when knitting I used whatever colour matched the sketch closest. It was fun seeing it come together. I often ended up with squares that I didn't particularly like, but then when it was all seamed and viewed as a whole it worked.

The border was knit onto each side separately and then the corners were sewn together. I didn't have enough of any handful of colours to do a continuous border all around, so with the exception of the final 4 rows of garter stitch that were done in light gray on all 4 sides, each side is different. I really like that about the finished product. The border really adds a lot to this project. I still don't have a border on my Lizard Ridge afghan, but after seeing the difference in this blanket before and after border, I realize that I really should get on that. 

This blanket is perfect for curling up on the couch, or for having a picnic! If only Stella would sit still!

Now that that's finally off the needles (after 2 years!) I've started a new colourful project! It's Design 6 from Noro Collection Book 3. It's knitting up really fast and as always with Kureyon, it's always a fun surprise to see how each ball will stripe. It's not really a summer appropriate project, but it's fun and pretty mindless, plus it's Kureyon, just what I needed.


  1. looks awesome Tan.

    Good job.

    why is kureyon fast? Wider thread?

  2. This is great - I love the colour combinations!

  3. I didn't think much when I saw the blanket in the book but I really love your bright colours.

  4. WOW, what a gorgeous blanket!! I love it!

  5. the blanket is fabulous!

  6. oh wow, that blanket is phenomenal! That's going to be an heirloom, for sure.

    - Julie

  7. This is so beautiful! How did you join the squares together? It looks like it would be an awful lot of sewing, or did you knit from one directly into the next?

  8. Each square was knit separately and then sewn together, it was A LOT of mattress stitch! But I still use and love the blanket, so it was well worth it.


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