Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Study Hall Skirt

Here it is, my Study Hall Skirt. I haven't worn it yet, the weather just hasn't been warm enough. But we did have one kind of nice day last week, so I took advantage of the opportunity and did an outdoor photo shoot. In this photo I'm trying to appear as though I'm casually walking up some steps in order to fully show off the colourful pleat!

Here's a more natural pose, see the skirt is really flattering and sweet. I think I'll make the next one a little bit shorter (maybe 2 inches shorter) because though I love this skirt, I find it pretty conservative. I don't often wear knee length skirts, I'm short, so I don't find it to be the most flattering length on me. On me, knee length skirt definitely make heels a must. 

This close-up shot captured the wind that was blowing up and puffing out the pleats a bit. I think it's a neat picture. (Thanks mom!)


  1. looks good, I like the colors. And real "casual" shots there Tan.

    good luck this weekend!

  2. i just got my pattern in the mail today and thought i'd look on the internet to see if anyone had made one yet. yours looks cute. did you have an issue w/ the sizing? my waist is 29 and my hips are 34 but the hips on the small pattern are 42. that just seems huge, but i can't go down in the waist to make the XS. what do you think? is the point of it to be full in the hip area?

    sorry for the question. you're just the first one to blog about it...


    thanks! liz

  3. Gorgeous skirt! See you Saturday!


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