Thursday, 14 April 2011

Well that was lovely!

That Julie is so sneaky! Posting about my birthday and enlisting a flood of awesome knitters to leave lovely birthday well wishes. What a great surprise to wake up to!

My current dining room look - I could get used to this!

My birthday was spent working away in my little yarn filled office. Chris cooked a delicious supper for my family and a few friends, it was a great day. My sister showed up with a beautiful bouquet of tulips, my favorite flower. 

Pretty tulips for my birthday, my fave.

As a little birthday gift to myself I ordered all four Barbara Walker, A Treasury of Knitting books. They arrived in the mail on Tuesday and today is the day I'm going to actually sit down with my stack of sticky notes and flip through every single page. These books are amazing and so inspirational! They were definitely worth the splurge. Happy birthday to me!

Post b-day celebration day with my new books!

So, what do you think of my current dining room look? I've redecorated slightly... I thought that my dining room didn't quite have enough yarny goodness in it, so I've added a wall of yarn! Just joking, this is just temporary, it's a new feature that will be up in my booth at the Knitter's Frolic at the end of the month and I wanted to give it a test run and make sure I had a plan for my yarn placement. This morning the light coming in through the windows into the dining room was beautiful, the wall of yarn was almost glowing. Chris said that he thinks we should consider keeping it as a permanent design feature. I'm a lucky girl, a found a guy agrees that a wall of yarn is indeed an appropriate look for a dining room. 


  1. That Chris is a keeper indeed. I think my mate wouldn't object, but sadly, the kittens climbing would probably make such a design element unworkable in my house.

  2. I vote to keep that gorgeous wall of yarn in your dining room! You just might start a new interior design trend. ;D

  3. I agree too! And happy birthday :)

  4. I'm glad she posted about your b-day, because now I know that we share a birthday! Glad to hear your day was as good as mine! :)

  5. I love it!!! the sunshine, the tulips... everything is so gorgeous.

  6. I love that top photo! With the bubbly light fixture, the yarn, the books, the flowers, the light!

    So lovely.

    Glad you had a good birthday!

  7. I'm looking forward to meeting you at the Knitters Frolic in a few weeks. Happy Birthday!

  8. Barbara Walker Treasuries are a *great* bday present. I think I may need to think about adding a wall of yarn to my dining room (or bedroom, nursery, bathroom, living room... whatever).

  9. How cool that the Barbara Walker books coordinate so well with the wall of yarn! I'm thinking that dinner will never be the same...

  10. Definitely a keeper! I have yet to find a way to display my yarn that I like, but then I don't have the beautiful rainbow of colors that you're working with.

    ...not YET, anyway... ; )

  11. What a stylin' yarn bombing! And the accessories make the scene. Thanks for that wonderful shot of color.

  12. I agree.... good on Chris for knowing what's right!
    Glad you had such a nice birthday!
    Now I know what to look for at the knitters frolic.
    I was dropping TFA name-hints everywhere at our guild meeting last night. You'll have a lineup a mile long! Just make sure to save a hait kit and some yarn for me!


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