Saturday, 19 February 2011

I'm in sock mode

Sometimes when everything is going great and I'm feeling super excited and motivated about my knitting I need to have challenging and interesting projects on the needles. Other times, when things are busy and hectic and it's all I can do to keep up I need to have simple and easy projects on the go. Like socks. I just sit and knit around and around without thinking, almost trance like, it helps to keep me balanced. It's all very zen. I'm in one of these moods these days. I cast on for one pair of toe up socks, it's going well, so I cast on for another. This second pair is being knit is Zitron Trekking xxl in a very pretty green/blue rainbow type colourway. It brings me tons of happiness.

Toe up socks.

Before I hit my sock groove, I was in a hat and mitt groove. I knit two pairs of mitts and coordinating hats using my Grammy's Hats and Mitts pattern and I love them both. The heart hat obviously had a few mods, I knit the ribbing shorter and instead of knitting the main part of the hat in a wide 6 x 2 rib I knit it plain and added a few cutesy hearts. I love both sets. 

Hats and Mitts

I will fully admit that the pom-pom on the turquoise hat is bordering on the ridiculously huge. Chris thinks it's too much and got a very good laugh out of me hitting my pop-pom on the door frame when I was trying to get into the car, and getting my scarf caught up in my pom-pom when I was wrapping up to face the cold. It may not be the most practical of proportions, but it's just so darn cute.

I'm thinking of using the leftovers from my turquoise set (deep sea, peacock, seabreeze and shadow all Green Label) to make Stella a sporty striped sweater. She could use a good dose of stripes in her wardrobe.

Leftovers from a hat and mitt set.

I did abother little Etsy shop update yesterday. A few of these precious ooak skeins are very difficult for me to part with... but Chris tells me I have to, sigh...

Blue ooak for the Etsy shop


  1. I feel the same about knitting socks - it actually helps me to relax as I knit round & round. It's also the reason that I use dpns instead of circulars. Love your hats & mittens.

  2. Beautiful sock yarns! Those are going to be very cheerful. The hats are simply awesome -- really love the grey and blues striped ones with the mittens.

    I haven't gotten to socks yet, but am doing a sweater sleeve in the round just now -- very relaxing with just the regular increases to keep in mind. Yes, on dpns. the only reason socks aren't in my project lists yet is that I feel like they'll need a little concentration the first time through. That's been in short supply lately. ;) Soon, though. I just want to get that sweater finished first....

  3. I love obnoxiously large pompoms. I am trying to resist the urge to add poms to everything I own!

  4. How do you get your pom pom to be so ball-like? Mine always look floppy.


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