Saturday, 2 October 2010

Autumn Roses Hat

This new hat design was inspired by two things; I loved my Fall Flowers hat so much that I was eager to try and design my own version - and second, I really wanted to branch out, step out of my comfort zone and work with colours that don't come naturally to me.

Autumn Rose Hat

I love all colours, however, I am drawn to cool shades of blues, greens, purples. Working with reds and oranges isn't me; a very beautiful scheme, but an unfamiliar one for me. I am learning that when I stretch my limits and push myself to design a pattern or colour scheme that is a challenge, I often end up with a more beautiful and satisfying result than if I had kept my head down and coloured with my old reliable shades. This point was illustrated for me last year with my Dipped Infinity Reds colourway. In the interest of expanding my palette I put together a red kit that quickly became my favorite. I think that colours, and certain combinations of colours, have the ability to stir up specific feelings or emotions. Reds and ambers evoke warmth and comfort, while cool blues are refreshing and soothing. So when I push myself to develop colour schemes that challenge me, it's always rewarding, because not only do I feel like I've met the challenge, but I'm also left with a different kind of colour therapy than I'm used to.

All that to say that these warm shades of sunset, plum and garnet, the colours of fall foliage, have left me feeling comforted and happy. If this hat had a scent, I think that it would smell like my new favorite candle - this super cute, acorn shaped, warm pomegranate candle. Mmmm.... Like a sweet hug from a good friend.

In designing this hat, I took what I learnt from knitting my Fall Flowers hat and expanded upon it. I made it just the right size for me, did my favorite kind of crown decreases and incorporated some fun motifs.

Here are some stats:
*needle size: 3.5mm, 16" circular needle

Autumn Rose Hat

I love the corrugated rib and the pops of yellow (buttercup). The colour palette worked without it, but once added, it really made the three main colours (garnet, plum and sunset) come alive.

Autumn Rose Hat

Sunset was a tough colour for me to get used to. Don't get me wrong (I love it!), but since it's slightly more variegated I had to make sure it played well with the colours surrounding it. I think that by pairing it with the neutral sand colourway in the leafy section, both colours shine without fighting for the spotlight.

Autumn Rose Hat

I'm excited about this pattern. I'm really pleased with how it turned out and I've definitely gotten the design bug. I have several more hat plans hatching and as soon as they've all been worked out I will be publishing the patterns for sale. Stay tuned for more info about their release.

Autumn Rose Hat

Ravelry project page here.


  1. This is fabulous! I too am a purples, greens, and blues kinda gal. This is a good lesson for me too. Can't wait 'til you publish the pattern. Will you make a kit for it or will we have to buy all 5 colors separately?

  2. So, weird question:

    Would you consider making kits of this absolutely AMAZING slouchy hat!?!?
    I suck at putting together colours, and you just seem to have that magic touch with colours (totally buying your pattern either way...) but would you consider making this fair isle hat a kit, I've already bout your fiddle head mitten kit, and at first thought the colour combos were a little odd, but now that it's knitted up... i absolutely LOVE these mittens!
    Hoping you could make a hat kit to compliment my awesome new mitts...
    That being said... soooooooo beautiful!!!! Wow you really know how to make beautiful stuff!!!
    Amazing Job!

  3. Tanis, Absolutely gorgeous!! Can't wait for the patterns to come out, and am hoping for kits, I love the colorway in this one!

  4. This hat showcases your colours really well, the combination is beautiful. I really hope you make it into a kit!

  5. I LOVE this hat - the colours are gorgeous, the fit is perfect on you and I am so inspired to try stranded knitting! I've never tried it, much less on something so complex as that hat, but now I'm dying to give it a shot. I lean towards turquoise, greens and purples, and actually buying that big batch of sunset was a big step for me, but now that I see this I can't wait to try something with it!

  6. By the way - I am totally in league with your other readers who are hinting at a TFA kit for it... hint hint ;o)


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