Sunday, 7 February 2010

Another hand-spun BSJ

I finished my second hand-spun BSJ, this time in my own hand dyed roving in the Meadow colourway. Still no buttons, I'll have to make a trip to the button store soon...

I wish I had a friend who was having twins, one boy and one girl, so I could give them these little sweaters. They would be so cute! Until I find the perfect set of boy/girl twin babies to gift these sweaters too, I'll just hang on to them for safe keeping.

Thanks to everyone who left comments/thoughts about a sock club on my last post. I've been doing a lot of thinking/scheming and I hope to have something to present to you later on this week. I was hoping to have it all set by the end of this weekend, but Chris and I have both been flattened by a pesky cold. Nothing too serious, just coughing and stuffed up, but it was enough to send us both to bed for a 3 hour nap yesterday afternoon and keep us from doing anything productive. I'm feeling good about today, I think we're on the mend!


  1. I love those sweaters! Wow I bought the pattern but haven't tried it. Twins would look so cute in yours. I look forward to your announcement about the fiber club.

  2. Love the sweaters. I have the pattern too and still haven't tried it. Can't wait to hear about the fiber club. Hope your feeling better soon.

  3. I get the cold thing - I've been down all week with it - today I took a 4 hour nap - tomorrow it's the doctor's for me! Cute, cute sweaters - beautiful handspun!


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