Saturday, 30 January 2010

Meadow Handspun

I couldn't resist, I really wanted to see how this roving would spin up. I'm still a pretty inexperienced spinner and am 100% self-taught, so I really have no idea how a roving is going to look once it's spun. That's a big part of the fun, it's always a surprise!

I'm very pleased with the results. Lovely pools of blues, greens and turquoises mellowed by the browns and beiges. I find the result to be soft and soothing. This skein is 100g and 310 yds. I've gotten pretty good at spinning light sport weight yarn. Perfect for another baby surprise jacket!

This is my most technically successful skein of handspun yet. It's quite evenly spun and balanced and I think that I did a better job of plying this time.

I may be a tad addicted...


  1. Oh so pretty! I must get myself a spinning wheel one of these days.

  2. Beautiful! I'm saving up for a spinning wheel right now. Last year I would have thrown it on the credit card and had it at my house in no time. But this year I'm trying to be financially responsible...and patient! I'll hopefully have one by my birthday in April!

  3. Wow, its so magical how you play with color and create something so fantastic.

  4. Tanis, you did a great job with this skein of yarn. It is not only beautiful but so evenly spun. I haven't done any spinning lately but I might dig out my Ashford Wheel and try it again with roving. Working from roving is so much better than from the fleece.

  5. gorgeous handspun!! The plies work together beautifully.


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