Friday, 11 December 2009

One blanket, three looks

I love my apartment. We've lived here since July. It's bright, airy, quiet, has a huge bathroom and plenty of closets, and when it's clean and organized it actually feels spacious. I'll be sad when we move on from this place. I can feel us outgrowing it already. Our next move will be to a house, and though that will be extremely exciting and I'm sure I'll love a house even more then this apartment, right now I'm very happy here.

I love that we have a fireplace, it really adds character to the otherwise new and stark space. Chris has an old rocking chair that seems right at home next to the hearth. I've accessorized it with my favorite blanket, the mitered square afghan. I love how just by rearranging the way it's folded and switching out the pillow I can achieve multiple looks.

Look #1:

Look #2: (please disregard Stella's bum in the reflection on the fireplace... She was stretching!)

Look #3: (Stella has found a resting spot on the back of the sofa!)

The other night we had a huge blizzard. It was the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the fireplace and enjoy the storm.

So that's exactly what we did! It was a perfect evening. I spun from my first ever batt. I have a yearly membership to DiakCraft colourway club this year (I mentioned it here) but have been too nervous to spin the gorgeous batts, until now!

This was November's fiber. Spinning from a batt wasn't difficult, I pretty much just treated it like a braid, pre-drafted it into strips and spun away. I hope to get it plied this evening and then maybe move onto another batt!

In other crafting news, I made some little mitten ornaments the other day. Here's my first attempt at doing blanket stitch.

Aren't they cute? I had thought that it would be nice to knit up some mini mittens to attach to gifts this year, but this was way simpler! Just cut out some felt and quilt batting, sewed on a button and then did blanket stitch the whole way around. Took about 10 minutes from start to finish. Pretty cute no?


  1. oh tan your place looks awesome and those ornaments! oh I love those mittens with the buttons!
    how cozy your place looks!
    I envy your talent
    youre amazing!

  2. What brand Spinning Wheel do you have? I so want to learn how to spin, you are amazing.


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