Friday, 27 November 2009

Dipped Infinity Scarf Kits

I finished my Dipped Infinity Scarf this week. It's such a fun and quick knit. It's the type of knitting that you just hate to put down, you always want to knit just one more repeat so you can switch colours and see how the next pairing will work.

And when you're done, it's the type of knit that you just can't stop wearing! It's really lovely and soft and snugly. This will definitely keep me warm all winter long. I love it!

Because I love this scarf so much, I decided to share the joy with you all and make up Dipped Infinity Scarf Kits.

This is the colourway that I knit the sample scarf in. I'm calling it "Red".

Of course there's a "Blue" colourway, I will almost definitely be making another scarf in this!

And a natural and earthy "Green" colourway. I really like the pop of yellow at the end.

The kit includes enough yarn to knit the pattern as written with the colours in the order shown. There isn't the same amount of each colour, so it's important to knit them in order to make sure you don't run out!


  1. I'm amazed at how quickly you made that.

  2. That is beautiful! How easy is easy though Tan...would I be able to do it without any knitting experience except for half a scarf? Something tells me no...

  3. LOVE!!! Please let me know when more kits are for sale in your etsy shop, I'm thinking of getting the green colourway one!! That's some perfect post-holiday knitting, for sure!!

  4. I don't see any kits left in your etsy store -- any chance there are more coming? I would LOVE to get my hands on the green kit, SO gorgeous!

    If there are going to be more available, could you let us know?

  5. I love this scarf pattern and now that you have these yummy colors in a kit, it makes it so tempting to buy one. Great colors!

  6. Your scarf came out beautifully!

  7. oh! i can't wait to make one! it's so beautiful!

  8. I loveee these kits. Now I just need to scrounge up the $$$ to get one.


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