Saturday, 13 June 2009

Kureyon Hoodie Complete!

I finished my Kureyon Hoodie the other night and today it was time for it's close up. Mom and I took some shots in my parents back yard. Mom's flower boxes were a lovely backdrop, and our Irish Setter Squale suits the rustic charm of this sweater perfectly.

It fits me exactly how I hoped it would. It's casual, slouchy, comfy and cozy. I love the hood and the pocket and am really happy with the colourway I chose. I was really tempted to want to knit this in a more multicoloured Kureyon colourway, but I knew that if I went with a rainbow yarn I'd end up with a lovely, but crazy, rainbow sweater that I probably wouldn't wear that much. This colourway (#226) is colourful, yet because it's mostly reds, I feel that the red tones act like a neutral and the turquoise and green bits stand out. While it's still a bright red sweater, it's more subtle then some of the other colourways. it's a bit of a departure for me in terms of colour, I'm not really a red person, but I couldn't be happier with it!

There's a shot of the back, it's pure luck that the stripe on the shoulder matches the stripe on the back of the hood. That would have been impossible to plan!

And here's the hood. It's very comfortable and I can see myself wearing it a lot in the Fall/Spring/Winter and even on cool Summer nights at my cottage in Nova Scotia.

I'm very pleased.


  1. You have done a wonderful job on that sweater! A great project.

  2. Fantastic - this is amazing! Funny how that sripe lines up! Great photos!
    This hood is too cute!
    You are adorable!

  3. Nice Tan.

    you look kinda like an elf in the last photo though!

  4. it's lovely tanis. you are so cute in your photos!

  5. It's perfect! I love that colorway.

  6. Beautiful sweater. That is a lot of K1, P1. Do you knit continental style?

  7. Tanis it is GORGEOUS!! What or where is the pattern?

  8. I'd love to know where to find the pattern, too. The hood is perfect! Great job!


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